My 45 days Review of elance So it comes to my understanding that the game doesn’t have this feature. Seriously, just get an Xbox controller. Windows 10 x64 doesn’t have vibration test. Analog Left and Right vibra works except for the Z-axis and other buttons on the top of the controller. Vibration now works while testing but not when playing actual game.

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Want to enable vibration of PC USB gamepad (Quantum QHA) | [H]ard|Forum

Based on the description, it appears that you are having issues with installing the USB Dual Vibration joystick on Windows 7 and Microsoft sidewinder drivers on Windows Vista. Aman Abidi July 31, at vibraation Anonymous Sunday, 12 March at This driver seems to work twin usb joystick vibration all brands.

Jakub Vagner Twin usb joystick vibration 3, at 5: Using them in spread betting It gives you nice options to adjust the level of vibration; some joypads vibrate like hell, so this driver can make them vibrate the way you want them to. Unknown July 8, at 1: Many many, thanx for your quick response and many many apologies for my late response. I’ma add this later into guide.

Last Drivers  18-1D-P200CB DRIVER DOWNLOAD

Gamepad Vibration Test: How to Check Gamepad is Working or Not on PC | Videogamerplus

Unable to communicate with Sony Update Engine error And yes, I have tried in other games twin usb joystick vibration, i. When I use the analog option on my Quantum USB gamepad both the left and right joysticks automatically starts working in a different way.

Don’t touch anything on the controller till then 4. I just got one and am running win 7 still having doubts if it’ll work. Govind February 28, at Yeah, not going to happen buddy.

And what’s your OS and version? You have to try it with games. Anonymous Tuesday, 18 July vibrayion The link given below is no longer working.

FighterAceJul 28, Admin July 8, at 1: But the interface looks different on different OS. I used to have one of these before and I saw my friends buying different controllers all the time but my own lasted till I gave it away. Unknown Tuesday, 10 May at Vibrtion need a deep google look: Did this solve your twin usb joystick vibration


The windows 7 64bit version has this same options. So it comes to my understanding that the game doesn’t have this feature.

Drivers, if you were even able to find them on the manufactures site, probably isn’t coded correctly, and doesn’t even do what it says. I can’t find a product page for that pad that even says it has vibration in the twin usb joystick vibration place.

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