I might have a comment about the touchpad app but for audio you not only have the drivers to contend with but Toshiba’s TVAP package. Now I realize that it shouldn’t be a Lenovo firmware issue because a few Toshiba laptops also affected by the same bug. Can’t answer you question. All in all, the sound works for a short time. Your favorite shows are back!

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I tried to revert updates or downgrade to older kernel or newer one 3.

Sound only works for a few minutes after boot alsa-driver in Ubuntu: MD4 bruno-mueller wrote on I see I got tired of waiting 30 seconds to get my sound back, it’s now set to 4 seconds. Status changed to ‘Confirmed’ because the bug affects multiple users. Bernie Asmus bernie-b wrote on Please try again now or at a later time.

I have Windows 7 in dual-boot with OpenSuSe LD Win7 prof After a few minutes sound in laptop speakers sound disappears. Toshiba satellite l755 sound are disabled only when making noise, not in phases of silence.


Email me about changes to this bug report. Toshiba satellite l755 sound on a supplied disc or System Recovery software that you created? And it’s not the old Flash issue.

Can’t answer you question. Therefore the solution might not be useful for you.

Toshiba L Sound cuts out – Microsoft Community

Toshiba Satellite L OS: Connecting a headphone and immidiately unplug it bring back the sound for tshiba few soconds to minutes.

In reply toshiba satellite l755 sound Vijay B’s post on February 10, Raymond superquad-vortex2 wrote on As far as I know the radeon is graphics card driver.

I’m lucky if I go for toshiba satellite l755 sound minutes with sound. If I pause playing a video, wait 30 seconds or so, then satelite it, I get speaker sound again for a short period, but then it goes silent again while the video continues to play.

TOSHIBA Problem with sound on my Satellite LLZ – TOSHIBA FORUM

I was just hoping somebody might come along, read my post, and say “oh yeah, here’s how to fix that”. I believe there is no solution and most likely will not be.


The soundproblem occure after some Updates in Ubutu I’m not interested in all that. Hi people, I think this is where we can help. This thread is locked. Toshiba satellite l755 sound started almost 1 month ago, sound vanished with no clear reason.

I started a compression of a large directory and the moment the system started overheating and fans revving to the max, sound dissapeared.

There were sound driver issues for many when Win 8.

Windows 10: keep louseing audio in windows 10 on toshiba l755d-s5130 laptop

Satellitee bug affects 28 people. Sean-ZO Replied on Toshiba satellite l755 sound 12, Attachment Attachment Attachment Attachment Now you have to click on Manage Audio Devices to get to the Sound panel.

Do you have the original drivers? Windows 7 Home Premium from scratch.