Widely supported in many different operating system platforms. PostScript files tend to be considerably larger than PCL files which could be a problem for some users. This is because PS drivers are not native to Windows so are poorly implemented. PCL is supported by many different operating systems which allows for the same printer to work in many different environments. PS drivers are required for some types of printing that print shops do including color process printing. Create an account on Neowin to contribute and support the site. It is a simple exchange programme wherein you give up speed in favour of higher output quality if you choose PostScript-capable printers over PCL capable printers.

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Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Posted Pcl postscript 24, How is it communicating the pcl postscript to the printer? The reason for this is again that PCL uses printer hardware to process images.

PS vs. PCL Drivers? – Microsoft Windows – Neowin

pcl postscript Select Accept as Solution for posts that have helped to solve your issue s! Widely supported in many pcl postscript operating system platforms. Ive looked all over for this, both here ppcl elsewhere, and havent gotten a good answer.

Print processing can be slow. I have found that some things don’t work correctly if PCL pcl postscript are used, but the problems go away with PS drivers.

What Is the Difference between PCL and Postscript Drivers?

This queue uses the “PCL” print language, pcl postscript for certain requirements, users may achieve better print output using the ” StaffPrint-PS ” queue pcl postscript uses a PostScript-language driver. The information in the PPD is presented via the printer driver. PCL is device dependent which means that it uses the printer hardware to perform its duties. PS drivers are poxtscript for some types of printing that print pcl postscript do including color process printing. Im looking for a clear answer, preferably by Xerox techs, on what the recommended general best practices are for driver language.


I concur posyscript the “endless pages of PostScript”. Super User works best with JavaScript enabled.

PCL vs PostScript

Computing and Information Services. To keep things interesting, we look for ways to make the best pcl postscript it. Apologies if this is a repost.

For postscri;t use cases, the default “StaffPrint-Standard” pcl postscript will be the best choice for everyday printing. Quality of graphics is dependent on the print device.

PostScript is device independent. The same file should print identically on different printers Limitations Print processing can be slow, increasing the time required for the print job. We’re attempting to standardize settings on the server, as one of the big issues we’ve had has been lack of standardization, and so we’re pursuing standardizing on the GPD for all compatible Xerox printers as listed in the compatibility document.

Pcl postscript March 28, The difference in how PCL and PostScript approach the translation of various platform languages pcl postscript printing or display results in a number of pros and cons for both.


PostScript 3 includes many enhancements to older pcl postscript of PostScript, including improved image quality and color.

My general understanding thus far is that PCL5 is preferable to 6 due to having fewer problems like PCL-XL error and being easier to troubleshoot as it can more easily be captured to disk and analyzedbut that Postscript may be preferable for Xerox printers. The printer handles the creation and processing of much of the page data. PostScript PS PostScript, is a common printing language used by many printer manufacturers and is supported on many different operating systems.

As a pcl postscript file can often be sent directly to the printer without any driver intereference if you use postscript, or pcl postscript driver will convert it postecript a PS job with very small changes to pcl postscript size of the job from the doucment. Otherwise, we’ll assume you’re ;cl to continue. File and memory requirements are larger.

Jason 2, 9 33 What are the differences between these drivers? While that post probably gave you an overview of postscript printing and even helped you figure out its relevance, pcl postscript time out we want to help you compare PCL and PostScript.

PCL is pcl postscript dependent.