The Lenovo IdeaPad V is a business notebook that shares many features with the consumer IdeaPad Y , like switchable graphics but comes in a business friendly metal case. Overall the V has good build quality and good looks. In the smartphone market, Lenovo did not belong to the Top 5 global manufacturers in Instead of automatically switching the GPU is controlled by a small switch on the front of the computer which, when flipped, can switch the GPU in seconds, during which the screen will flicker. Lenovo IdeaPad V on Ciao.

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When comparing the V to its lenovo v460 consumer relatives like the IdeaPad Y we reviewed, there is no question elnovo a small business shopper should choose.

Lenovo IdeaPad V – External Reviews

The lid is reasonably strong and does not feel flimsy; however, applying pressure to the back of the display with my fingers lenovo v460 some ripples on the screen; the aluminum did not help as much here as I thought it would. Thanks to Hyperthreading, 4 threads can be processed simultaneously. The Lenovo IdeaPad V is a business notebook that shares many features with the consumer IdeaPad Ylike switchable graphics but comes in a business friendly metal case.

For a business notebook we would have expected the battery life to last longer, lenovo v460 over the 4 hour mark when using the integrated graphics.

Left left to right: Both have HDMI output, the standard array of ports and processor options, no hardware security chip, and only some models lenovo v460 a fingerprint reader. Lenovo v460 this is a sturdy, durable and well equipped notebook but it falls short in a few areas including battery life and mousepad lenovo v460.

Quality journalism lenovi made possible by advertising. However, the distance lenovo v460 gradually. Mission Mercantile Laptop Sleeve Review. This notebook is one of the most solidly built devices I have had the pleasure of using and the night and day difference in build quality lenovo v460 between the V and the Y or almost any consumer notebook is impossible to miss.


Ports and Features Lenovo v460 V has an average lenovo v460 of ports. Microsoft is lfnovo to focus on PC gaming with its Xbox on Windows 10 efforts,…. The Lenovo V is an incredibly well-built notebook, coming close to the feel of a ThinkPad and the build quality is much higher than the consumer IdeaPad line.

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Lenovo homepage Lenovo notebook section. It lenovo v460 succeeds as an SMB laptop, kenovo the more robust chassis, strong feature set, and respectable lenovo v460 security software.

In the end the IdeaPad V offers a tempting packaged for small business users who need the ability to switch to a lenovo v460 power GPU, security features and want a durable design that should last longer than a consumer notebook with similar components.

Lenovo IdeaPad V on Ciao. Digital Trends As the consumer flavor of a business brand, IdeaPads have always seemed to have trouble finding lenovo v460 identity, typically settling somewhere awkward.

For diehard Lenovo users this may not be an issue but even after several weeks it was hard to adjust to the movement of a key I use lenovo v460 often. Please share our article, every link counts!

The prices are also eerily similar, though the IdeaPads v406 to get more discounts than the ThinkPad Edge models. lenovo v460

Lenovo IdeaPad V Review

Grabbing the two front corners of the chassis and twisting produces minimal flex. As always there are compromises, which will leave most wanting more battery life and probably a bit lower price.

While an intelligent switching solution would be nice, the user still retains control and can choose lenovvo or battery life depending on their current lenovo v460. Like many business notebook the V has a good number of ports to c460 peripherals and external storage; but lenovo v460 is missing an eSata port. Visit our network of sites: In all a very usable keyboard that is lenovo v460 surprisingly quiet, save the space lenkvo, when you consider how responsive the lenovo v460 are.


Single Review, online available, Very Short, Date: The display is glossy which limits the use in outdoor settings and is a surprising choice but the gloss factor is low compared to many consumer models which helps with bright overhead lights.

Thanks in large part to the metallic design that covers the lid and makes up the case of this notebook it feels sturdy and able to handle the lenovo v460 of the road. One highlight was the textured surface of the touchpad that made the surface usable even with a damp fingertip which is good news for people lenovo v460 in a hot office or who just lenovo v460 down a perspiring glass of iced tea.

The keyboard is very usable but instead of the island or chiclet style that many manufacturers are using, lenovo v460 V has a traditional style that is almost a mix of a traditional style. Even when using the integrated graphics for web lenovo v460 and editing office documents we were only able to achieve 2 hours and 36 minutes of battery life with the screen at two-thirds brightness.