Friday, April 10, 6: Saturday, January 5, Sony also offers a hotfix for Vaios equiped with the same device http: Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. This works for Microsoft Vista Home Premium Please follow directions carefully or either the Read or the Write of you device will not work.

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Using the same programs as with XP and no problems there!

I have been experimenting problems with the same device while trying to read a DVDs full of photographs. I don’t know what computer you have, but if you have a sony-vaio you might try dvvd-ram reinstall the roxio program through the sony restore application that’s how I did it.

I have the same problem but don’t know what to do.

Wednesday, August 13, 1: Thursday, July 19, Sunday, February 10, 2: Tuesday, September 25, 4: Friday, February 27, 5: How did you do it? Wednesday, March 12, Run is under accessories.


Click Start, and then click Run. In the System folder, double-click the CurrentControlSet folder. I really can’t afford to buy another drive right now, and I feel like I must be close to the problem, like there must be a solution.

I have the same problem, but with Vista. This worked for me after deleting both the upper and lower filters on a Matshita dvd-ram S running XP. My cd unit stopped working and I didn’t even know when!!

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I am writing only to thank you for your advice. Thanks for the suggestion.

uj-50s I deleted lower filters also and it now works ok! Monday, July 28, 5: Mon Apr 23 I tryed the spanish version but the system warned it was no suitable to my platform Oh yeah I am running Vista Basic.

Problem burning data DVDs with pics/videos/movies etc. .. Please help

Checked it out on another computer Cdrommatwhita drive and it read just fine. Remove major part of quote. Your proceedure worked perfectly for me once I delted the ‘Lower Filters’ as well, after I tried the first proceedure as your other reader suggested.


Sunday, August 19, 3: Wednesday, May 7, 8: I am ever grateful to people like you who can find solutions to things like this Just click on it when you find it. I switched fro vista to XP.

I’m going to try what Da Newbie said. Tuesday, November 18,