A reduced charge is available to qualified education customers. No additional support PTFs are required. Installation of the Model E07 Tape Drive canister requires that a Fibre Drive Mounting Kit feature or be installed to contain the canister. One feature is required for each Yes, but only if your system hardware for example, supports it. However, if assistance if desired to remove a Tape Drive, this feature can be ordered for that purpose also.

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This is the default power cord for Brazil if no other feature is specified.

Or, you can intermix cartridges and drive types in different frames and have up to tape drives in up to 16 total TS library ultrkum. The TS Model E05 Tape Drive must be ordered separately, and is installed in a frame with one of the following feature numbers: One tape drive feature or or or one LTO tape drive feature,,or should be removed from the library when a tape drive is removed.

Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Each Tape Library configuration containing a Model HA1 requires a different set of X-Track cables for the dual accessors in the library, depending on the total number of frames in that TS Tape Library. To apply encryption to LTO-4 or later drives, all of the drives must support encryption. Each frame can ihm up to 12 logical libraries rms 12 control paths one per tape drive. This feature, plus the increased search speed, allows the Rmsss Model E05 to have improved nominal and average access times for locate operations versus previous IBM tape drives.

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Family +10 IBM System Storage TS Tape Library Model L23

This offers attachment flexibility in an open systems environment. Drive cleaning is an automatic function that can be performed by the library when required by the drive, without requiring operator intervention.

As the Tape Drive is designated as customer setup, if assistance is required to field install the drive the Tape Drive Field Install Assist feature should be added to the order. No charge Minimum number of features: You can tailor the library to match your system capacity, performance, and application requirements using up to drives in up to 16 TS Tape Library frames.

In addition, reducing the number of cartridges needed for backup and restore operations can help lower operational costs throughout the enterprise. This is the recommended power cord for China. If any power cord other than the igm is required, it must be specified from one of the following specify codes: Although multiple systems may be attached to a tape drive, the systems cannot use the drive simultaneously.

Plant or Field Removable: You can also mix media in a library by using, for example, encrypted and non-encrypted device classes that have different tape and drive technologies. This feature will be selected as needed in the configurator for equipment that will be shipped to or used in Wisconsin.

Total LVD SCSI cable length is limited to 25 m 81 ft using point-to-point interconnection for example, one host connected to only one tape drive. Furthermore, a large number of publications are available online in various file formats, which can currently be downloaded free of charge.

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The TS drives and library robotics are TapeAlert-compatible, and are designed to provide tape drive and library error and diagnostic reporting.

Drive encryption

One of either feature or is a prerequisite eevice the first TS Model F6x Tape drive ordered. A maximum of one other Console Expansion may be connected to the Ethernet hub provided by this feature Our offerings include financing for IT acquisition, including hardware, software, and services, from both IBM and other manufacturers or vendors.

Feature is required if feature is installed Prerequisite: A list of compatible software is available from your IBM representative or at: For each tape drive to be attached to switches that are installed in a model TR1 that is 2 or 3 frames dveice, order 2x of this feature. Feature number is not required with the first installation of a Model HA1.

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Consult with ISV providers for their support of mixed drive types and media types in the same logical library. No Maximum number of features: For capacity requirements less than 1.

Drive encryption protects tapes that contain critical or sensitive data for example, tapes that contain sensitive financial information.