Have you done any upgrades? Just saw this article http: Do let us know if you have any luck. Here is a look at the motherboard after being removed from the chassis. Do you know if the 1ghz processor you tried is a Coppermine or Tualatin core?

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Removing the heatsink reveals the Mendocino Core Celeron underneath.

HP e-vectra PIII 733 MHz

The focus of this hp e vectra is to look at small form factor PCs and in particular their potential bectra be very quiet, out-of-the-box or with some modifications. The processor is rated at 1.

It seems one of the main reasons for the external power supply was for “easy support”, hp e vectra it easy to identify power supply failure and easy to hp e vectra. The case cover slides forward revealing the single 80mm fan on the right. These machines make great low wattage always on home servers using Freenas or Linux! Jp it’s been a while since I’ve had my eVectra, but if I recall correctly, the cover should slide forward without too much effort after removing the screw s in the back.

All caps and other components still look to be in good condition. From HP’s manual, Ee believe there should be a cage ho installs around the HDD before being inserted, however this was missing in my machine. Then it would be really silent! Have you done any upgrades? The slim optical drive on the left slides out vecrta with the locking tab pushed down.


The plastic panels hp e vectra been detached from the chassis for cleaning and repainting. This comment has been removed by the author. I would be interested in knowing what you did and how it turned out.

Sliding back bp hard disk door reveals the 3. The old 10GB Quantum Fireball HDD does have a whine hp e vectra can be heard even with the drive door closed, so that probably will need to be replaced. This rumor, like many others that are prevalent today, is indeed false.

HP Vectra E-Vectra Supplementary Manual

Both run FSB but Tualatin runs at slightly lower vcore. The AC brick that vetra with my e-Vectra has a 19v 3. I am trying to get hold of some metallic paint to redo the panels before putting back together hp e vectra tiny machine.

I’m not much of a tech geek yet, this machine could be my springboard. Or maybe your kids could have a go decorating the case and be more creative.


Here is a look at the motherboard after being removed from the chassis. hp e vectra

Upgrading the hard disk would be a good start. Any help is great. Maybe the small hp e vectra would be a problem though.

These machines were released earlywhereas Tualatin wasn’t out until end of so it seems unlikely.

Small and Quiet PCs: HP e-Vectra : a closer look

You could probably slow down the fan, but not remove it. The system hp e vectra needs some airflow. A sticker inside the chassis reveals the real age of this tiny hp e vectra, 6 years and 4 months. Would it be possible to remove the fan altogether?

Do you know if the 1ghz processor you tried is a Coppermine or Tualatin core? I believe vfctra metal frame is what is holding the chassis together, not the plastic panels. You can see here the original color of the plastic panel where I removed a sticker. Directly below the fan is the CPU heatsink, which is grounded to the chassis by a wire and two screws.