This file you should send back to us and from supplied data we will develop your HASP dongle replacement. Later you can see a warning that Dongle-Duplicate driver is not passed Windows Logo. The dongle answers to PC via “PaperEnd” pin 12 wire. Simply we will send you small program which in few seconds will read all data from your HASP and write it to separate file. Select it, then “Open” and “OK”. Unzip downloaded archive in to this new folder.

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Prepare empty floppy disk and run dowloaded Hasp4rdr.

Hasp4 dongle reply usually within 24 hours. They are diferent for each software vendor. And we can do a lot of them!!!

Dongle Driver Links for HASP Dongles

Create separate folder for it. At the end is final screen saying that installation done. Hardware Update Wizard will start.

On the search and install options select “Don’t search. This is a standard OS procedure eongle for any other hardware but for clarity hasp4 dongle is illustrated hasp4 dongle.


Dongle is a device to plug in to the Hasp4 dongle or other port. Then we will verify if all data grabbed correctly and estimate a price of your HASP duplicate.

If hasp4 dongle unclear – contact us: How to know which one is in your hands? Wait few minutes until it tells that reading done and data in to file saved. It could be seen a number of items on the list – just ignore them and donble “Have Disk Use HASP driver emulator is good way, but it does not always work perfectly, especially sensitive for upgrades and OS changes.

If software can’t find required dongle, it will not run properly. Select “Install from a list or specific location” and go “Next”. In our example it is C: Any questions or something not works hasp4 dongle write: Sometimes Refresh is done automatically. Hasp4 dongle Hasp data reader hasp4rdr. If you don’t know them or don’t know what they hasp4 dongle – read how to get Hasp Passwords If you know them – continue to reading sep by step procedure below.

Does it cost something? Find it and email to dongle nsys.


HASP 4 dongle by Aladdin Knowledge Systems. HASP crack

Example of HASP logic state analysis here. Note that from this point everything can be done hasp4 dongle any PC. When offered – select “No, not this time” and go “Next”. Download Hasp reader archive: It’s main purpose copy protection.

Dongle Driver Links for HASP Dongles

Make hardware duplicate of your original HASP. There is no need to have any drivers or any software installed. First of all we need to install reader drivers. This file ddongle hasp4 dongle send back to yasp4 and from supplied data we will develop your HASP dongle replacement. To analyze HASP protocol yourself you will need logic state analyzer with at least 9 better 12 channels. Then offered to hasp4 dongle driver to install.

It is 3 file inside:.