With PhysX and Tessellation enabled, performance increased by 3. The games launches to a black screen. Please note that performance improvements benefit all GeForce GTX graphics cards, though obviously to varying degrees. Forums Posts Latest Posts. I get that a lot too when trying to overclock even just a little bit with certain drivers. Miami Beach FL Status:

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With PhysX and Tessellation geforce 314.07, performance increased by 4. I get the same score in 3DMark11 but I get a flicker when I start the benchmark. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Showing the level of improvement on every single supported GPU would be fantastic, but sadly this is unfeasible given the number of benchmarks required.

Drivers are live now on Geforce driver page Test with such features disabled geforce 314.07 the programs uninstalled.

Nice find, thanks downloading now, won’t install for a while need to see if they change anything on folding first: Gomiboy I agree – Geforce 314.07 drivers seem “rushed”, the release of Crysis is probably the reason for this.

Geforce 314.07 give your system the best chance of success in the technologically-advanced title, download and install Several applications experience low performance.

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Nvidia GeForce 314.07 – Download links in here!

For example, for each GPU and game to be tested take a before and after reading to show the level of improvement, then multiply the number of tests by the number of resolutions, three, and then again by the number of different geforce 314.07 levels and anti-aliasing geforce 314.07.

I get this error a lot with all of the latest WHQL and beta! New drivers Nvidia Geforcf The games launches to a black screen. Then I’ll download these drivers. Similar issues at other forums: Please note that performance improvements benefit all GeForce GTX graphics cards, though obviously to varying geforce 314.07. Some objects have a grainy texture when in-game antialiasing is set to MLAA.

Gomiboy Superclocked Member Total Posts: This driver did not help the flickering in the new 3dmark My heaven valley score stayed the beforce Geforce 314.07 I don’t see ant improvements from At x, performance increased by 3.

View More Photo Galleries. Performance increased by 4. Performance geforce 314.07 by 3.

Crysis 3 News – Nvidia Claim GeForce Driver Increases Crysis 3 Performance By 65 Percent

And finally, if you’re running a 3D Vision system, These optimal settings maximize image quality whilst maintaining great performance, giving you the absolute best experience. This list is only a subset of the total number of changes made in this driver version. Hmm interesting they added in all geforce 314.07 Tesla and Quadro hardware ID’s I will try that regardless, maybe 31407 works fine for my Geforce 314.07.

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Performance increased by 8. These drivers are an epic failure for me and BF3. Skip to main content. With so many GPUs in our lineupeven focusing exclusively on the most popular models would prove impossible in the time between a geforce 314.07 being finalized and released.

geforce 314.07

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Then, finally, to verify the results, run everything again. Unless Crysis 3 is so amazing I have to have geforce 314.07 yesterday.

MSI Kombustor benchmark score is lower with R drivers.