Step Procedure Verify that a full-color or Premium Resin Ribbon Cartridge is installed and that cards are properly loaded. Term Definition Spooling Rather than moving a print job directly to the Printer, the job is written to the disk so that the user can access the application faster while Windows takes care of printing in the background. Packing the Card Printer Page – Section 9: Packing The Card Printer Wipe it down with a lint-free cloth. Front Cover Printer for the next print job. Fargo electronics card printer service manual c16 pages. Select the I accept the terms of the license agreement option and click Next to continue.

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Fargo DTC Card Printer – Best Price Available Online – Save Now

Page – Section 5: Page – Using the Magnetic Track Options radio b Measure the total size for the area and enter those dimensions into the dimension boxes. After encoding, the information is read off back and compared to the intended string. Select 5 Bits to change the bits per character to 5 BPC. Using The Defined Area Option continued Measure the total size of the desired area and enter those dimensions into the dimension boxes.

Moving the Printer to another location Step Procedure The Printer can be transported by gripping it under the back lid, as shown in the photo below. Open the Printer’s Front Cover.

Adjusting The Color Matching Option Select None for print speed versus print color or for use of third party color matching software.


The Printer is unable to verify encoded data. With the purchase of the Fargo DTC card printer, you also have access to the Fargo software systems technical support. This information should be available through the card manufacturer faryo reseller. Buffer A block of memory, in the Printer or PC, that holds print files until the processor is ready to print them. Delete an area by using the Defined Area arrows to select the area and clicking on the Delete button.

Fargo DTC400 ID Card Thermal Printer

Use the Calibrate tab to a control the position of the printable area in relation to the card, b calibrate Sensors and c adjust the internal Printer settings that are customized for every Printer and saved directly within the Printer’s memory.

Page 6 Section 7: These often share the same data cable or port as a Printer and may be the source of communication problems.

Recommended ID Printer Ribbons. Using The K Panel Resin Tab Resin black text is desirable due to its sharp, saturated black coloring and resin black bar codes are often required by Ultra Violet barcode readers to ensure readability when scanned.

Download Fargo DTC Driver

Page Print Job A file of one or more cards for the Printer to print, including image data and Printer functions, transmitted through the parallel interface and at times stored temporarily in the print buffer and spooler. Select Optimized for Graphics when printing drawings and graphics e. Page faargo Reviewing Example No.


As a rule, 10 equals about. Selecting Custom will provide the option to select which components to install. Ensure to enclose any necessary paperwork, test cards, etc.

Use the Settings button see above to bring up a separate dialog box for adjusting the internal Printer settings, which are customized for every Printer at the factory and saved directly within the Printer’s memory.

When VeriMark is selected a rectangle-sized area is excluded, HoloMark uses a dtd400 sized area. Printer Transport Moving the Printer to fafgo location Step Procedure The Printer can be transported by gripping it under the back lid, as shown in the photo below. The lowest-priced item that has been used or worn previously. The Encoding data is written to the card. The Printer Driver will print areas of the image where it finds black coloring with the print Ribbon’s resin black K panel as specified by each of the following options.

Contrast The degree of difference in luminance of two areas.

Print Ribbons Page 25 – Printer Components: Print the card design and note how the image is oriented on the card as it ejects from the Printer. Ensure that the firmware File is selected.