The RollerMouse works really well with the more advanced ergonomic keyboards such as the Goldtouch and Kinesis Freestyle. Use the compressed air and blow it out. If you do have this type of sensor, the little plastic piece over the sensor comes off. Combined, these movements give you as much control over your pointer as you enjoy with a regular mouse. RollerMouse Free2 introduces the cursor speed selection to the RollerMouse family. RollerMouse Free2 is based on our ergonomic expertise and inspired by users creating a modern ergonomic design with ultra high precision and quality.

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RollerMouse Free2

You might strip or break a screw. A tech support guy from there sent me some clear and helpful instructions, which he also kindly permitted to be posted here for dollermouse reference. Using the RollerMouse was instantly intuitive for me. Two-handing the rollerbar does more than boost the self-esteem of your other hand; it actually halves the effort of clicking, and also lets you steady the rollerbar with one hand while applying pressure with the other.

The highly adjustable RollerMouse There are two things about the RollerMouse action that users are likely to adjust: While this is usually great for typing, a low keyboard tray can be a dontour with the RollerMouse Free2 model.

How to Clean a Contour RollerMouse Free – All Things Ergonomic

Ergonomists generally recommend that your keyboard surface be positioned at or below elbow height. Functions for right click, left click, double click, copy, paste and speed selection are centrally available with the click of a button, increasing your workflow. Its thin profile and upward-sloping palm rest can contribute to a bad wrist position known as extension. This placement allows you to center the board, and at the same time reduces the amount of distance your hands must trek daily to reach the mouse.


Depth for keyboard trays — If your desk is equipped with a keyboard tray, the higher profile of the Pro model will likely be better for your situation. They tend to be in very tight and this is the most likely place where something may go wrong.

I showed the RollerMouse to several other people, and they grasped it after a tutorial that took all of three seconds. Everything about the RollerMouse invites your hands to open up, relax, and enjoy life — while still accomplishing the necessary chore of putting your mouse pointer where it needs to be.

Hi, I’m Kealoha, an American engi-nerd. Now you can roll back that whole metal bar. If you find wrists bending back while resting on the RollerMouse, you should consider raising your work surface slightly or trading in for the thicker RollerMouse Pro2, which is designed to work better with drop-level surfaces.

The only thing I found to require a bit of practice is clicking with the rollerbar itself, rather than with the provided click buttons. When we type, our right and left hands tend to share the work load more or less evenly. As a person with serious thumb troubles myself, I might well end up using my left hand to finger the wheel in the long term.

The long-tailed critter next to your computer is not the end-all of pointing device technology. The Contour RollerMouse is designed to occupy the already-empty space right in front of your keyboard. You can use both hands at once, eliminating the need to reach for your keyboard.


A blog commenter recently asked how to clean a RollerMouse Freeso I reached out to Contour Design for some guidance. Articles Mice Tips And Tricks. The rollwrmouse can also be used to click by pushing down lightly. A push button on top of the unit cycles through five levels of precision. A lower level makes the pointer easier to control, where a higher level gives you more mouse movement for rollermose flick of the hand.

RollerMouse Free2 – Contour Design

My personal experience with the RollerMouse I have been intrigued by the RollerMouse for some time, but only recently contacted Contour Design for a review sample. But I would only try that after testing it out again after the plastic cap has been cleaned.

The procedure Did you read the notes and warnings above? The front of the unit should open up now without a problem.

They paint that plastic piece black so the sensor stays hidden when its assembled.

More room to work. The problem is that most such boards — notably the ubiquitous Microsoft Natural — feature an integrated palm rest along their front edge. But will still be held together by some clips on the back.