They’ve been in my bag for three years and can’t see them coming out any time soon. Much of what a player interprets as feel is sound, and these sound different. In the review of my current set of clubs the Mizuno MPs I wrote about their lack of forgiveness and how shots that missed the center of the club face by more than the tiniest amounts were punished with a considerable loss of distance. This year, Callaway as trimmed it back a bit and has just three new sets of irons. Considering nearly all of what a player interprets as feel is the sound that the club makes, this leads to a club that has a crisp feel at impact. Performance From a performance stand point, there is nothing middle of the road about the X Hot Pros. Buttery might be a better word.

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Clean, compact head with angular lines and a medium-thick topline; more offset than others in the category; frames the ball nicely at address; non-glare brushed finish. Sign in or Register with Golfalot. I have had the X Hot Pro Irons for 3 years now and absolutely love em. While there is nothing wrong with those companies that stick to traditional designs, they run the risk of falling behind and having to play catch up while those looking for the latest and greatest can come across as being a bit gimmicky.

I really think that Callaway has hit the nail on the callaway x hot pro tour callzway the design of these.

Ask an Equipment Expert: CONS Not for the finesse player — some guys struggle with these heavy clubs on partial swings; testers want a bit more feedback on callaway x hot pro tour shots; too much offset for many guys; some testers would swap long irons for hybrids. They called it “a players iron that is very z. Much of what a player interprets as feel is sound, and these sound different.

A big part of this has to do with the design and technolgy of the club; event though the clubs have stronger lofts they still produce the shot that you would expect. Repeatable mid-launch, low-spin ball flight; moderately workable, favoring a draw over a fade; clubhead tears callaway x hot pro tour rough with ease. I have been playing Nike irons for about 4 years and thought my game was on point since I was a 11 handicap.


The face features 21 closely spaced grooves for a shear effect for spin that Callaway say should increase spin by rpm from the rough. With the combination of design and technology of these clubs, they allow me to hit every shot that I am capable of hitting. The X Hot Pro is a good fit for players willing to trade some finesse for added length.

Good shots feel great and poor shots still feel ok. There is nothing about these clubs that I found that would some how limit you and callaway x hot pro tour you from continued progression.

Callaway X Hot Pro Iron Review

Are worn grooves on my wedges hurting my scores? The slight offset promotes callawag square clubface at impact, and I found it particularly effective at providing shot control callaway x hot pro tour the mid and long irons, especially off a tee on par-3s.

The heads are a little smaller than the standard X Hot irons, so the distances are unlikely to be as long as them for that reason and due to a different face construction.

This is a shaft that I had not played previously, but one that intrigued me due to the lighter shaft. They came equipped with the Project X 95 shaft in stiff 6.

Since the switch I have dropped my handicap to an 8 and I hit the ball much more pure and I will never use another club. For the better player looking for minimal forgiveness but maximum feedback and workability there are the new X Forged irons.

ClubTest 2013: Callaway X Hot Pro Irons

This has led to a few issues on the course where I pull a 6 or 7 iron on an approach and come up long and then callaway x hot pro tour figuring that these clubs are a bit longer come up short with a pitching wedge.

Underwood out-duels Hermanson to win Connecticut Senior Yesterday. They’ve been in my bag for three years and can’t see them coming out any time soon. My single complaint with the way these clubs look is with the offset of the clubs.


Callaway X Hot Pro Irons Review – Golfalot

In addition to this, players on both ends of the ability spectrum should see some desirable qualities in the X Hot Pro as lower handicap players looking for a little more help will appreciate them as will a mid handicap player that is making strides to improve their game. Obviously poor shots are still going to be punished but the punishment with these is more of a slap on callaway x hot pro tour wrist.

Your hoy address will not be published. Technology and Tpur In the golf world, there are those companies that lean heavily on callaway x hot pro tour while there are those that are much more focused on the next best thing.

Callaway X Hot Pro Irons: ClubTest Review, iron reviews

They are a set that one could pick up as they start to make serious improvements in their game and continue to play long after they callaway become a better player. X Hot Pro irons carry relatively strong lofts 45 degrees for the PW to 24 degrees for the 5-iron but since they are slightly offset which helps promote a callaway x hot pro tour ball flightthe loft progression is more about flighting your shots than it is about bragging that you hit an 8-iron where your friends hit 7-iron.

Final Thoughts In my opinion, the X Hot Pro irons are the set of clubs that you are never going to regret getting. The sound from the 3 and 4 irons was not as pleasing as from the 5 iron downwards, callaway x hot pro tour were all excellent and a joy to hit.