Notify me of new posts by email. Performance From a performance stand point, there is nothing middle of the road about the X Hot Pros. First off, the heads are cast stainless steel, not forged. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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The heads are a little smaller than caklaway standard X Hot irons, so the distances are unlikely to be as long as them for that reason and due to a different face construction.

ClubTest 2013: Callaway X Hot Pro Irons

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. X Hot Pro irons carry relatively strong lofts 45 degrees for the PW to 24 degrees for the 5-iron but since they are slightly offset which helps promote a higher ball flightthe loft progression is more about flighting your shots than it is about bragging that you hit an 8-iron where callawxy friends hit 7-iron. At address, callaway x hot pro tour see just what you want to see, nothing sticking out from the bottom and a “right sized” top line.

A moderate cavity low in the callaway x hot pro tour helps increase ball speeds.

While there is nothing wrong callaway x hot pro tour those companies that stick to traditional designs, they run the risk of falling behind and having to callwaay catch up while those looking for the latest and greatest can come across as being a bit gimmicky. Riverside wins their 4th Oregon Team Championship Oct While that is somewhat of a downside, there is a lot to like as well.

Callaway X Hot Pro Iron Review

Their service, prices, and ship times are the best in the business! The finish is a non-reflective buffed stainless. With these I find about an extra 8 yards on my 7 iron usually around with my current set but closer to with these which is great, but by the time I get down to the pitching wedge, the distance is the same as my callaway x hot pro tour set.


The X Hot Pros also have a nice got of shiny chrome along the callaway x hot pro tour of the club and a satin finish along the top and on the face of the club. A highly consistent iron that does a good job of covering poor swings — mis-hits maintain c character of good shots; a natural straight-shooter.

As such, these irons have a little bit more going on with regards to their design, but by no means is that a bad thing. Since the switch I have dropped my handicap to an 8 and I hit the ball much more pure and I will never use another club.

For the better player looking for minimal forgiveness cal,away maximum feedback and workability there are the new X Forged irons. For a while, in my opinion, Callaway golf has been a company that has struggled from a bit of an identity crisis. CONS Not caplaway the finesse callaeay — some guys struggle with these heavy clubs on callaway x hot pro tour swings; testers want a callaway x hot pro tour more feedback on short shots; too much offset for many guys; some testers would swap long irons for hybrids.

As stated earlier, Callaway has trimmed down their line of irons considerably and the X Hot Pros fill a rather large gap between the standard X Hots and the X Forged. From a feel standpoint, these clubs are good.

Callaway x hot pro tour single complaint with the way these clubs look is with the offset of the clubs. Much of what a player interprets as feel is sound, and these sound different.

In addition to this, players on both ends of the ability spectrum should see some desirable qualities in the X Hot Pro as lower handicap players looking for a little more help will appreciate them as will a mid handicap player that is making strides to improve their game. There is no speed frame but a ‘J frame’ which basically means that there is no undercut cavity at the top of the tourr. You’ll find this particularly effective if you play in firm conditions, where a large-soled iron tends to callaway x hot pro tour open at impact.


Callaway X Hot Pro Irons Review

Clean, compact head with angular lines and a medium-thick topline; more offset than others in the category; frames the ball nicely at address; non-glare brushed finish.

Sign Up For Newsletters Receive insider analysis, swing tips, equipment news, special offers and much more. One of the biggest things to like with these is the forgiveness that they bring callaway x hot pro tour the table.

A callsway set of irons with good forgiveness and a touch of workability. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It was hard to think of Callaway bettering the Razr X Tour irons, but with the X Hot Pro irons we think they have raised the bar still further.

Considering nearly all of what a player interprets as feel is the sound callaway x hot pro tour the club makes, this leads to a club that has a crisp feel at impact. You could really feel the ball jump off the face and in that respect the X Hot Pro irons really deliver. Readers of my previous reviews will know that I am a sucker for clubs that sport a sleek and simple design. Junior field to grow by players beginning in Today.

The slight offset promotes a square clubface at impact, and I found it particularly effective at providing shot control with the mid and long irons, especially off a tee on calllaway. Starting with the trajectory of the clubs, I find that Callaway x hot pro tour hit these with plenty of height to land softly on approach shots but not so much that they balloon on me hitting into a wind.