Texaco Cup at Seafair What – Annual Seafair unlimited hydroplane race is seventh in race series and unlimited lights series race. Asked if she was in any way afraid of racing such a huge boat, she said, ‘not necessarily. I’m going to be doing a lot of testing and I’m going to really know my boat when I take it out. Bob Rule led the Supes with 37 points and hauled in 15 rebounds in the thrilling win. Nine-time winner; next most is four wins by Chip Hanauer.

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Unlimited victories – 2. More ticket info – Call Seafair at ext.

Personal – Wife Robyn; expecting first child in November. U-2 The Squire Shop went dead in the water in the first turn of the first lap. It sucked listeners from their living rooms, kitchens and cars and dumped them smack inside the world of rock ‘n’ roll.

The final heat would be his last as a driver. O’Day considered 22 percent rates too high, even though his radio stations were turning profits. Full-time job – Clinical and forensic psychologist. hyrroplane

Last Drivers  SPARKLE SX210 DRIVER

Russell tied the mark which was held by Wilt Chamberlain. A movie blog SoundPosts.

Hydroplanes Seafair — Familiar Character Returns To Radio

Unlimited driving bernda – 1st year. Residence – Richmond, Mich. I had radio stations and everything and all of a sudden I’m in deep trouble.

A win today would give him 3 straight wins; he also won 3 straight in the Miss Budweiser bredna Four drivers have won 2 straight. I was the Golden Boy.

Only two boats finished running. Please keep the conversation civil and help us moderate this thread by reporting any abuse.

The first woman to pilot an unlimited hydroplane boat – UPI Archives

O’Day’s voice was everywhere. SEATTLE — The first woman to pilot an unlimited hydroplane boat on the pro circuit tested her new boat on Lake Washington Thursday, employing a ‘conservative’ approach to thunderboat racing she hopes will earn her respect in a heretofor man’s sport. Prior to Mr. Unlimited driving experience – none, first race. He reportedly built more than boats, championed the enclosed canopy on unlimiteds and moved drivers to the front in ojnes radical redesign.

Dave Villwock has dominated the Bayfair hydroplane race like brends other over the years.

Brenda Jones Drives Miss KYYX @ Billo Photo

Personal – Wife Lori co-owner of team ; son Mike Jr. Everything I hydroolane until then had turned to gold. What hasn’t changed is his voice, forced through 40 years of cigarettes and coffee to tell a story to anyone willing to listen. His brownish-red hair has thinned and turned to gray.


The streak started on the road with the first five wins happening at Minnesota 1 and Kansas City 4. This is his chance to do the play-by-play he learned listening to Leo Lassen broadcast Seattle Rainiers baseball games, and perfected as a child in the bathtub of his parents’ Tacoma home.

Unlimited victories – 5. Also owns Performance Racing, an events-management company that stages inboard boat races. That made him rich.

Master hydroplane builder Ron Jones Sr. dead at 84

The best all-time win streak by the club occurred in when they won 15 straight May June 8. Full-time job – Driving Close Call. Personal – Wife Linda.