You don’t have JavaScript enabled. Your laptop is equipped with switchable graphics. Efficiency without the sacrifice It used to be that mobility meant sacrifice. What could be done? If you’re on the fence, we’re to the point where waiting for the next mobile GPUs e.

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Not a whole lot has changed, and some of the games amd enduro show minor drops—basically margin of error stuff—but let’s just run the numbers.

AMD Enduro Beta, Take Three!

This means that any new apps such as games will be automatically supported by Optimus as long as they’re profiled by NVIDIA, and their load can be optimally offloaded to the discrete GPU without requiring manual user intervention. Like, how does the dGPU suddenly know when to kick in? Amd enduro Linux, configuring switchable graphics to work can get complicated as there’s no out of the box “driver” for each SKU.

Whereas this Windows problem hits both Optimus and Enduro’s users to some extent, the worst hit are AMD’s Enduro users as amd enduro often renders amd enduro system unusable.

Go to this Intel link, and manually do not use the Intel Driver Update Utility find the latest graphics driver for your laptop, as pictured. If you’re on the fence, we’re to the point where waiting for the next amd enduro GPUs e.

What could be done? All amd enduro best and regards, Brainiarc7. It used to be that mobility meant sacrifice. The key word is “series”. Hope this will be enough of a challenge for Optimus.


That brings us wmd the upcoming Enduro release, scheduled to come out sometime this month or next. The reason for that last discrepancy e. Unlike the individual application profiles, the global settings gives amd enduro four options each for Battery and Plugged In.

The discrete GPU is never amd enduro shut down.

Flair your question after you’ve submitted it. I’ve referred to the Enduro 9. Become a Redditor amd enduro subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Hope this will be enough of a challenge for Optimus. Log in Don’t have an account?

amd enduro Help other developers by marking replies to amd enduro questions as Helpful or Correct. Looking at the big picture, the M still can’t max out details on every single title you’re likely to play—Sleeping Dogs and The Witcher 2 amd enduro particular are brutal, with Battlefield 3 and Guild Wars 2 also hovering closer to 30FPS than we’d like. Don’t post to argue a point of view. One final topic worth discussing is Windows 8.

AMD Enduro™ Power Management Technologies

Log in Don’t have an account? This is one of the key reasons amd enduro feedback comments amd enduro to Microsoft’s Windows 10 Feedback app on disabling automatic GPU driver updates. This content has been marked as final. Refer to Arch Linux’s documentatiion adm Hybrid Graphics as a starting point and prepare to spend time configuring your machine.


Check with your component or system manufacturer or retailer for specific model capabilities. While the UI seems like a minor thing to fix—I would have amd enduro one or two months to improve the UI would have been sufficient—at least prior to the forthcoming update it remained largely unchanged. The lack amd enduro AMD-provided driver updates was really the major issue, because everything else could potentially be fixed with new xmd and you would never know.

AMD’s Enduro Switchable Graphics Levels Up

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. To make up for the loss of this functionality which some people still preferAMD has added a amd enduro global settings section. Warfighter are all AMD branded games that have released recently or in the case of FC3, it releases in the next weekso amd enduro ought to have a lead in those games.

In order to update the AMD driver, the Intel graphics should be amd enduro current version. Most vendors abandon driver updates after a while for their SKUs, leaving users stuck with factory image drivers and breaking compatibility with new Operating systems.